Protect Your Pets From Thieves

Pet Theft Awareness Day is recognized every year on February 14th, Valentines Day.  These stolen pets are used as bait dogs in dog fighting rings, sold to puppy mills to be used for breeding and also sold for less than what they value from legitimate businesses. Pet theft occurs every day and it is our… Continue reading Protect Your Pets From Thieves

Dogs just wanna have fun

Fun In The Sun. The Dogs Trip To The Beach

Before you hit the sand with your canine pal, check your local beach rules to ensure that dogs are allowed. The dogs had so much fun at the beach. Kwen has been there numerous times but it was Journey’s first visit. Being the water loving and playful dog that she is, she immediately ran towards… Continue reading Fun In The Sun. The Dogs Trip To The Beach

Puppy Love

Adopting a dog- The bond that ties us together

I remembered my husband’s expressions as he reminisced about adopting Kwen and bringing her home. His exuberance was so contagious 😊. She was adopted 4 years ago from the Oregon Humane Society (OHS)- an animal shelter known for the adoption of thousands of dogs annually; not counting the likes of cats, as well as other… Continue reading Adopting a dog- The bond that ties us together


Healthy homemade dog food recipe

  I prepared this meal for my dogs today. It’s one of their favorite and they somehow know when I’m cooking it. They are so well behaved and obedient, I petty much can get them to do anything 😀. This recipe has red kidney beans which contains toxins that are harmful to dogs in its… Continue reading Healthy homemade dog food recipe